Percival Lafer MP-129 Lounge Chair in Pau Ferro


This specific MP-129 armchair comes from a more rare series from Lafer. Specific for the 129 series is the geometrical construction of the wood frame that consists of a Pau Ferro Wood. The connection is provided through beautiful bolts that stick out on the sides. The seat is supported with white elastic bands and metal bars that are connected with each other. The tan leather upholstery is very thick padded with foam and consists of multiple separate pillows that are connected through leather straps. The armchair carries the original Lafer markings, confirming its authenticity. The armchair is in good condition with some minor traces of use on the leather near the armrests. The leather is in good structural condition and has only limited discoloration. The foam is in excellent condition and all parts are present and without damage. The wood frame has some slight wear with the backside of the right feet having some scratches and imperfections that will be restored by our expert craftsman. Pics show wood before restoration. 

Dimensions: L 36 x 40 W  x 28.5 H