Set of 8 Hans Wegner Round Chairs with New Cane Seats in Teak

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*These chairs have been completely restored and refinished with new cane seats and are in excellent vintage condition. The look like they would have looked, brand new in 1950.*

Hans Wegner's Round Chair is a timeless and iconic piece of furniture design. Designed in 1949 by Danish designer Hans Wegner, the Round Chair is a classic example of Danish modernism, with its clean lines and organic shapes. The chair is renowned for its comfort, and elegance.

The seat and backrest are made from a single piece of teak, which is expertly carved and contoured to provide maximum comfort and support. The backrest is curved, which cradles the user's back, while the arms are slightly sloped, providing a comfortable and natural seating position.

“I wanted to make something that could only be made by us... something typically Danish.”- Hans Wegner

Wegner was one of the first to employ ergonomics in his designs. His Round Chair is known as “ The Chair” and is often referred to as the most beautiful chair in the world. Crescent-shaped arms made from a single piece of teak, beautiful mortise-and-tension joints, and a continuous semicircle of wood.
This is minimalism perfectly expressed.  

“A chair,” according to Danish designer Hans Wegner, “is to have no backside. It should be beautiful from all angles.” This principle guided Wegner in the design of every one of the 500 chairs he developed during his lifetime—100 of which were ultimately put into production. But of all these, just one, his 1949 Round Chair, went on to earn the internationally recognized nickname of “The Chair,” an honor shared by no other design before or since. 

We have completely restored and re-caned these iconic chairs to excellent vintage condition. All the chairs have their original burn marks indicating they where made in Johannes Hansen factory in Denmark.

We have a total 9 chairs available in cane.

7 available without cane seats.

We will also sell chair individually or in pairs, Contact us for details. 

Dimensions: H 30 in. x W 24 in. x D 18.5 in. 


These chairs where famously used in John F. Kennedy and Richard Nxon first televised Presidential debate in 1960. Kennedy choose the chair because he could both look stately in it and relax.