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Brazilian Rosewood Cado Wall Unit


Brazilian Rosewood CADO Wall Unit. This unit is completely modular. It has endless possibilities as to where you can place the shelves or configure the cabinets. Each panel has consecutive holes on both sides and the cabinets or shelves fit into the holes with a very simple and elegant diagonal dowel system. Danish ingenuity at its best. Shelves and cabinets are very easy to remove and move around to your liking. Once installed the piece is structurally very sound and can carry the weight of many objects or books.

This unit features:  

6 Rosewood Panels (4 Large Panels measuring: 95.5H  x 31.5w and Two Shorter Panels measuring 81.75 H x 31.5w) 

4 open cabinets with sliding wood doors (31.5w x 18 D x 20.25 H) 

1 Dropdown Bar (measures: 31.5 w x 15 D  x 16.75 H) 

1 cabinet with 3 drawers (measures: 31.5 w x 18D x 20.75)

3 display cabinets with glass shelves and glass doors (glass not pictured)  Each cabinet measures: 31.5 x 8.5w x 22 H

8 shelves (4 larger deeper shelves + 4 narrower shelves) 

Large shelves measure measures: 31.5 w X 11.75 D 

Narrower shelves measures: 31.5L x 8.5D

This is being sold in original vintage condition.