Teak Danish Gentlemen's' Wardrobe by Ølholm Mobelfabrik


Danish Teak Gentleman's Wardrobe. Beautiful teak wood grain and exceptional construction. The case has a beautiful beveled edge. The black leather door, black leather plinth base, and metal-hinged ring hardware give this piece a simple but sophisticated look. The open cabinet is designed to hang clothing. The hanger pulls out to make it more convenient to find what you need. 

Dimensions: 47.25 W X 53.25 H x 19.25 D 

                                                                                                                                          This piece was manufactured by Ølholm Mobelfabrik, located in Ølholm, Denmark. Designers associated with Ølholm were Henning Kjærnulf and Sigmund Omann. We have yet to determine who designed this piece, but it is very well made.