Finn Juhl Settee NV-53 by Neils Vodder


A rare example of the stunning, sculptural settee by Danish design pioneer Finn Juhl. The NV-53 is named after its cabinetmaker, Niels Vodder, and the year of its design, 1953. Its biomorphic shape—influenced by the Surrealists—and unique, floating design give the love seat an ethereal otherworldly character, belying its sturdy and masterful construction. This museum-quality piece has been fully restored and recovered in Sandra Jordan Alpaca Boucle. 

One of the pivotal figures of Danish design in the 1940s, Finn Juhl introduced Danish Modern to the world, specifically the United States. As an architect and interior and industrial designer, Juhl was best known for his furniture designs that uprooted traditional historicist styles embellished with ornament and plush prevalent in the late 1930s, instead creating modern furniture along the lines of the International Style. Juhl’s Pelican Chair exemplifies the designer’s incorporation of form with function. The chairs, sumptuously sculptural and organic in form, were inspired by Juhl’s philosophy that “a chair is not just a product of decorative art in a space; it is a form and a space in itself.”

 Dimensions: 50 "L x 24 D x 28.5 H 

Seat Height 14"