Mexican Modernist Butaque chair in the style of Clara Porset


An amazingly cool Mexican Modernist 1970s butaque chair in the style of Clara Porset.  Beautiful Yellowish-tan leather wrapped over the solid wood frame. Lovely forged iron accents.  Made in Mexico 

Dimensions: 30" H 23" W 38" D.

About the designer: Clara Porset (1895 - 1981) was born in Matanzas, Cuba but spent most of her life in political exile in Mexico City. She was fascinated by Mexico's craft traditions, art, and culture. She then experimented with different shapes, sizes, and materials to create furniture designs that would blend European modernism and Mexican heritage. She removed ornate details to achieve modern simplicity. 

Clara Porset was part of a group of politically committed architects, designers, and artists who combined the modernist style with the use of local materials and techniques to create a distinct Mexican post-revolutionary nationalist style.