Percival Lafer MP-41 Couch


*Currently being reupholstered new black Italian leather*

Percival Lafer "MP-41" Couch designed by Percival Lafer, the iconic Brazilian Designer in the 1960s in solid Pau Ferro Wood. This model MP-41 has the original tufted orange/ brown leather and is beyond comfortable. Overall the leather is in very good vintage condition with age appropriate wear. We will be refinishing the wood as well as making new leather straps so that the leather cushion hangs correctly - just like the original. This couch can fit three people comfortably.  We can also completely reupholster the couch in new leather if you prefer. We we think it will look amazing in black leather. 

Dimensions: 71” W X 33.5” D X 26.5” H

Seat Height is 18