Extra Large Rya Rug by Verner Panton

rya or rye is a traditional Scandinavian wool rug with a long pile of about 1 to 3 inches. They were made using a form of the Ghiordes knot to make the double-sided pile fabric. 
This particular rug is designed by the famous Verner Panton and exhibits a wonderful pattern of concentric and imbricate squares which is often a major theme in his work. The patten has a beautiful ombre of colors starting with white in the center and moving outward to purple and black. The pile is very long as is traditional with rya rugs. The rug has been professionally cleaned.


Dimensions: 124” x 90”


The following information is provided on the label in both English and Danish:

Manufacturer: Unika-Vaev, Copenhagen, Denmark
Department: Unikataeppe
Collection/Reference: Rya/ Finlandia 50 tunika

Material: Scottish and New Zealand woolUnika-Vaev means 'unique weave' in Danish.