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Set of 6 Original Hans Wegner Wishbone Chairs by Carl Hansen & Son


Price includes restoration and new danish paper cord. 

Many consider Hans Wegner CH24 the supermodel of chairs because it has been on the cover of so many interior design magazines around the world and still in production since 1950. The Wishbone chair, or Y chair, is Wegner most popular design and gets its name from the slim flattened ring in its back that arches out to meet a top rail that nestles under your arms. Asked by the son of Carl Hansen to produce a chair similar to his China chair. Wegner was keen to try his hand at a lighter and more modern version. By using a "Y" as support  for the steam-bent back and armrest and by giving the back legs a twist forward from the seat in order to bring them up to support the arms, he was able to give this new dining char a more sculpture form than earlier incarnations. Furthermore, the lower, shorter arms allowed the chair to come closer to the table while giving  the sitter a huge amount of movement.  

The seat is made of paper cord which time has shown was stronger and more elastic than seaweed. The seat is intricately handwoven by a team a taught by dedicated master craftsmen. When done correctly paper cord can last up to 50 years.  

On offer are 6 vintage Hans Wegner Chairs. We will be having the chairs recorded with new paper cored by a master weaver who knows and has experience with Wegner chairs. Please contact for custom restoration.