Cow Horn Chair in Teak by Hans J. Wegner for Johannes Hansen Model Jh-505


One Chair Left. It is in excellent restored condition with a new cane seat. 

Extremely rare. These teak, rosewood, and cane Hans Wegner "Cow Horn" chairs manufactured by Johannes Hansen by hand by only a few craftsman. Rarely seen and extraordinarily crafted with inlays of Brazilian rosewood which lock the back joint. Current pictures show chairs unrestored and cane in original condition. Chairs will be restored and canned again. Model JH 505. Designed 1952. Metal tags on each chair show authenticity.  These chairs are a development of the form and style of The Round Chair but more compact with short elbow rests rather than the longer arm rests of The Round Chair.  This means that the chair can be pushed in closer to the table and it is easier to get up from the chair when sitting at the table.

Price is per chair.  1 Teak Chair Available.  

Dimensions: 23 W (at arms) x 29 H x 18D  (Seat Height is 16.5) 

 Wegner designed the JH505 Chair in 1952 as an immediate follow up to his breakthrough with the Round Chair  also known as "The Chair". The continuity in shape and philosophy is obvious. But serving a different purpose Wegner created a chair that was to play an important role in his following line of works.

Wanting to pay homage to the breathtaking beauty of solid wood manually carved into organic shapes, Wegner decided to make a compact chair. Hence the number of pieces of solid wood used to form the armrests and back was reduced to only two pieces (compared to the Round Chair with three), joined in the middle. The joint obviously needs to be aligned with the grains of the wood with some kind of tenon and could be dowelled, but in this case Wegner decided that instead of hiding the unavoidable joint he would rather enhance it and make it a decorative feature of the design. To obtain the full visible effect, Wegner used wood of a contrasting Brazilian Rosewood. 

This original idea would later become a characteristic trademark in many of his works and it is an important example of his honest and craftsman-like approach to design.