How We Work

All our prices include getting your chosen piece or entire set into excellent restored vintage condition. This means the piece is free of watermarks, chips, or deep scratches. Wood will be restored to its original color and in some cases, we can stain lighter or darker to meet your preference. (Please contact us for details) Any moving parts such as doors, drawers are repaired to ensure smooth function.

Overall you can expect your new piece to be in excellent vintage condition. 

We determine the restoration process based on a variety of factors. The process often includes the following:

  • Chemically remove the existing finish
  • Steam out scratches and fix chips with veneer or solid wood. 
  • Fill any dents, deep scratches, etc. 
  • Sand 
  • Apply stain in layers
  • Finally, we apply a matte or satin lacquer to protect and preserve the new finish.
  • When applicable we upholster with new foam, fabric, and straps. 
  • We inspect the piece for any alterations or missing original elements of the design and fabricate or source parts that match the original design elements.

Our aim is to use a careful selection of materials according to the condition and design of each piece, assuring that your furniture remains distinctive, comfortable, and durable throughout time.

Our focus is dedicated to making your furniture last a lifetime, allowing you to enjoy its natural beauty in your home or workspace for years to come. 

In the below collection, you can see examples of our work which include before and after photos and video.