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George Nakashima Grass Seat Stool


 Stool circa 1960s production in black walnut by George Nakashima with original seagrass seats. These were purchased from the family who owned them originally.  

These chairs are very special in that they were hand made by one of the leading lights of the American studio craft movement. They look simple but have small details that photography cant always show. Each spindle that supports the backrest is not perfectly round, rather they have flat faces because they where hand carved with a hand planer. Japanese style joinery locks the spindle in place.  

In excellent original condition, we have oiled them. Original grass seats. Vintage patina intact. Structurally sound. 

Provenance: Purchased from the family who purchased them from new from George Nakashima. These chairs date back to before 1950. These chair were originally purchased to complement a Nakashima Trestle table also commissioned by the family. Mira has confirmed they are her fathers work. 

Condition: In restored condition, with original age appropriate patina. They have been cleaned and oiled with Nakashima's preferred tung oil. Structurally sound. Ready for daily use. 

*Price is or the stool only, not for the chair*

Dimensions: 18 w x 16 d x 12.5 H Grass

About the Designer:

A master woodworker and M.I.T.-trained architect, George Nakashima was the leading light of the American Studio furniture movement Nakashima was an artisan who disdained industrial methods and materials in favor of a personal, craft-based approach to the design. What sets Nakashima apart is the poetic style of his work, his reverence for wood and the belief that his furniture could evince — as he put it in the title of his 1981 memoir — The Soul of a Tree.

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