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Rare Ico Parisi Wall Mounted Console Table Artecasa Italy, Circa 1955


Ico Parisi Wall-mounting console table from Italy. It is a sculptural masterpiece. 

The rare Ico Parisi wall-mounted console epitomizes the pinnacle of mid-century modern design. Crafted with precision and finesse, this exquisite piece seamlessly blends form and function, making a bold statement in any interior space.

Constructed from the finest materials, such as rich brazilian rosewood hardwoods black lacquered walnut, the console showcases Parisi's mastery of clean lines and geometric shapes. Its minimalist design exudes sophistication, with subtle yet striking details that elevate its aesthetic appeal.

The wall-mounted configuration adds an element of versatility, allowing the console to effortlessly integrate into various settings, whether it's in a spacious living room, a cozy hallway, or an upscale office environment. Its compact yet functional design makes it an ideal choice for maximizing space without compromising on style.

Each element of the console reflects Parisi's meticulous attention to detail.  Adorned with a polished lacquer shelf and black lacquer legs, every aspect of the console speaks to the designer's unwavering commitment to quality and elegance.

As a rare find in the world of design, the Ico Parisi wall-mounted console is not just a piece of furniture but a true work of art, destined to be cherished for generations to come. With its timeless appeal and enduring allure, it serves as a testament to Parisi's enduring legacy as one of the most influential figures in modern design history.

Its sculptural base echos the influence of surrealism. Ico Parisi was an Italian-born furniture designer. His pieces are rarely seen in the US. 

Made of Brazilian rosewood and black lacquer walnut

One notable reference is the book "Examples of modern furniture from around the world. Living rooms fireplaces" by R. Aloi, published by Hoepli in Milan in 1952. In this book, the console table is illustrated in figure 239, further establishing its significance in the realm of Italian design.

 44.25 w x 12.25 d  x 31.75 h 

About the Designer: 

Domenico Parisi, nicknamed Ico, was born in Palermo on the 23rd of September 1916 to Sicilian parents who were living in the Piedmont region. In 1925 the Parisi family moved to Como where Ico earned his diploma as a building inspector in 1936 and completed an apprenticeship at Studio Terragni. The studio gave him the opportunity to get to know and interact with prominent figures of Como's architecture and art world such as Cattaneo, Lingeri, Radice, Rho, Persico and Sartoris. Passionate about cinema and photography, at Studio Terragni's request he photographed the Casa del Fascio. Discharged from the front in 1943, he returned to Como and resumed his design activity, mainly working on individual furnishings, exhibition stands and interior architecture. He collaborated with Luisa Aiani and soon married her in 1947. Together they opened the studio La Ruota, a place of design but also a place of art, exhibitions and culture.Parisi's work became more and more prolific from the 1950s, in both the architectural and design fields. He designed furniture, firstly unique pieces with craftsmen from Brianza and later for industrial production with companies such as Cassina, as well as numerous decorative art objects using materials such as ceramics and glass.The late 1960s marked a precise turning point in his design research. With Contenitoriumani, created in collaboration with the sculptor Francesco Somaini and presented for the first time at the Milan Furniture Fair in 1968, Parisi embarked on a new path of investigation aimed at defining a utopian-existential idea of living.The culmination of his design and existential research came between 1974 and 1976 with "Operazione Arcevia", addressed in a collective and interdisciplinary manner and aimed at designing an entire community. The work was presented at the 76th Biennale of Venice and subsequently exhibited at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome (1979).This strongly utopian socio-urban experience gave rise to his subsequent graphic research, which became the theme of innumerable collective and personal exhibitions. He died in Como on the 19th of December 1996.

Ico Parisi (1916–1996) was an Italian architect and designer known for his significant contributions to mid-20th-century design. He was influential in the realm of furniture design, interior design, and architecture. Here are a few reasons why he's notable:

  1. Innovative Furniture Design: Parisi was renowned for his innovative furniture designs, characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and often utilizing various materials such as wood, metal, and upholstery. His designs often merged functionality with aesthetics, reflecting the modernist principles of the time.

  2. Collaboration with His Wife: Parisi frequently collaborated with his wife, Luisa Parisi, who was also a talented designer. Together, they formed Studio Ico Parisi, producing numerous iconic furniture pieces and interior designs. Their collaboration contributed to the development of Italian design during the mid-20th century.

  3. Architectural Works: In addition to furniture design, Parisi also made significant contributions to architecture. He designed various buildings, including residential homes, commercial spaces, and public buildings. His architectural style often reflected the contemporary design trends of the time, characterized by simplicity, functionality, and a focus on spatial organization.

  4. Recognition and Legacy: Parisi's work has received recognition both in Italy and internationally. His furniture designs are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of mid-century modern design. His influence can be seen in the work of subsequent generations of designers, and he remains an important figure in the history of Italian design.

Overall, Ico Parisi's contributions to design, particularly in furniture and architecture, have left a lasting impact on the field and continue to be celebrated for their innovation and aesthetic appeal.

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