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Preben Fabricius and Jorgen Kastholm X-chairs, model FK-82 (Two Available)


*Note: Price is per chair*

The FK 82 X-Chair was designed by Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm in 1967 and original produced by Kill International in Germany. Although the two designers have individually created some interesting pieces, it is in pair that they have achieved their greatest success. During the eight years of partnership they managed to create a wide selection of very high quality designs. The results were often minimalistic and functional designs in steel, glass and leather. 

Preben Fabricius and Jorgen Kastholm were Danish designers known for their sleek and minimalist furniture designs during the mid-20th century. One of their most iconic creations is the X-chair, which embodies their signature style of clean lines, geometric forms, and functional elegance.

The X-chair features a distinctive X-shaped frame, which not only gives the chair its name but also provides structural support and visual interest. The frame is crafted from metal, often stainless steel or chrome, lending the chair a modern and industrial aesthetic.

The seat and backrest of the X-chair are designed for comfort and ergonomic support,upholstered in high-quality leather. The upholstery complements the simplicity of the chair's design while adding a touch of luxury and refinement.

With its timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship, the X-chair has become an enduring symbol of Danish modern design. It seamlessly blends form and function, making it suitable for a variety of interior settings, from contemporary offices to stylish living spaces. Fabricius and Kastholm's X-chair remains a coveted piece among design enthusiasts and collectors alike, testament to its enduring appeal and influence in the world of furniture design.

Dimensions: 28 L x 31.5 W x 31 H  

Seat Height 13  

About the Designers: 

Preben Fabricius (1931–1984) and Jørgen Kastholm (1931–2007) were Danish designers renowned for their innovative contributions to furniture and industrial design during the mid-20th century. They collaborated on numerous projects, creating iconic pieces that epitomized the sleek and minimalist aesthetic of Danish modern design.

Both Fabricius and Kastholm trained as cabinetmakers before pursuing careers in design.  Fabricius trained as a cabinet maker under Neils Vodder and was later taught by Finn Juhl. Kastholm was a trained blacksmith and also trained as a designer under Finn Juhl. They established their own design studio in the late 1950s and quickly gained recognition for their work, particularly in the realm of furniture design.

Fabricius and Kastholm's designs are characterized by clean lines, geometric forms, and a focus on functional elegance. They were masters at combining form and function, creating pieces that were both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Their furniture designs often featured metal frames, typically made from stainless steel or chrome, which lent their creations a modern and industrial vibe.

Among their most famous designs is the iconic X-chair, which exemplifies their design ethos with its distinctive X-shaped frame and minimalist yet comfortable seat and backrest.

Throughout their careers, Fabricius and Kastholm collaborated with renowned furniture manufacturers such as Kill International, Bo-Ex, and Alfred Kill GmbH, producing a wide range of furniture pieces that have become sought-after classics in the world of design.

Their contributions to the field of design have left a lasting legacy, and their work continues to be celebrated and sought after by collectors and design enthusiasts worldwide.

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