Waive Chaise Lounge by Adrian Pearsall


*Come in and choose fresh upholstery for this incredible lounger. This price includes labour. Fabric is COM (customers own material)*

This Adrian Pearsall chaise lounge is ergonomic and the ultimate chair to relax in at the end of a day . It is an incredible piece for both comfort and pure eye candy.

Adrian Pearsall is one of the most beloved of Mid-Century Modern designers. His chaise loungers are highly sought after. The ergonomic design means it helps relieve pressure points and can help you slip into deep relaxation. 

This chaise would be an incredible addition to a library or reading nook or in a bedroom.

The last chaise we had we upholstered in Australian shearling and it was cozy and comforting. We have a huge selection of fabrics and leathers to show you.

Dimensions: 58" L x 37 "W x 31"H

Seat Height: 15"H