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Raymond Loewy 6 Drawer Dresser for Mengel


*Price includes Restoration

Uber rare and early mid-century modern dresser by Raymond Loewy for Mengel furniture company. It features enameled oak drawer fronts, modern black steel pulls, and splayed wrought iron legs.

These dressers were designed in the late 1940s to early 1950s and are expressions of the earliest mid-century modernist aesthetic. Forward-thinking and clean lines.

Dimensions:  48 in. W x D 19 in.x H 30.5 in. 

About the designer: "You’re warmly familiar with the work. The first time you drank a modern-day bottle of Coca-Cola, his bottle shape became ingrained in your memory. From the prestigious design work he completed on President John F. Kennedy’s Air Force One to the design of the familiar Greyhound bus, Raymond Loewy’s efforts showed no limitations. Raymond Loewy has long been regarded as the most famous American Industrial Designer"